Apex Legends Cheats – BOX ESP Hack

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A brand new cheat for the game Apex Legends you can download from our website. This is a simple but necessary cheat for every player. Thanks to this software, you will be able to see all the opponents through the walls on the map, they will be highlighted in red ESP BOX and thus will be displayed through the textures on the map.

  • it only work in windowed borderless it does not work in fullscreen
  • when Using cheats you need GeForce Experience In game overlay ENABLED
0) (only for nvidia graphics cards) install NVIDIA GeForce Experience
1) download the file and extract it
2) run cmd as admin and copy the path to the folder you extracted to
3) you can do it in 2 ways:
drag Driver.sys on kdmapper
and type kdmapper.exe Driver.sys
5) run Usermode.exe
6) start Apex

UPD: added non-nvidia graphics card compatibility


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