Cerberus NoRecoil Scripts Apex Legends

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Excellent cheat menu Cerberus NoRecoil Scripts on Apex Legends with which you can shoot exactly right at the target without recoil from the weapon. Thank you to the developer IlkaySolotov for the opportunity.

The hack is managed through a beautiful and convenient menu made in UI styles. You will be able to customize your weapons right during the game. The developer supports their hack and regularly releases updates, so follow the news on our website so as not to miss the latest version of the hack.

Discord Developer: Ilkay#6566

Q: How to use it
A: Extract in a folder and run it in the background, choose your gun and set optics to none, select your desired smoothness.

Make sure you are running 16:9 1920×1080 at 90FOV (max) since it does not officially support anything beyond that (90) FOV.


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