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In fact, we thought that already posted this cheat OSIRIS MULTIHACK on CS:GO, but it turns out it is not in our file archive. That is why we are glad to provide you with a working hack OSIRIS MULTIHACK on CSGO which you can download from our website without any additional downloads. All you need to know about this hack is that it works all the functions at the time of its publication on our website, you can edit and configure absolutely any function through the hack menu, which is called on the Insert key.

The most top-end and highly customizable features are Aimbot and Wallhack (ESP). On the screenshot you can see beautiful visual effects, you can also customize them yourself. See full instructions under the spoiler. Good luck!

How do I open menu?
Press INSERT while focused on CS:GO window.

Where is my config file saved?
Configuration files are saved inside Osiris folder in your Documents folder (%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Osiris)

How not to get banned?
To avoid being banned in the CS:GO use the VAC Bypass Loader to do this and you will be able to protect your account from being banned.


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